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Digital Design Shop

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Digital Design Shop has recently been acquiring more of a market share by offering great rates on the top design supplies in the busiest designer city hubs. Now they are challenged to create a more competitive online presence in order to maintain their expansion and grow their market share. The main challenge is how to position the brand and what features to offer to maintain competative. 


Digital Design Shop


UX Researcher/UI Designer


Sketch, Photoshop, Invision,


User Research, Personas, User Flow, Wireframes, Prototypes, High Fidelity Mockups





I started the research process by asking myself - what are the needs of designers and who are the main players in providing products for the profession?

Numerous blogs, books, and references of current professionals were taken into consideration. Once the basic list was compiled collected, I sent out a quick survey to my fellow design classmates.

The competitors were selected based on feedback from a survey placed for designers. Amazon was the most popular and specialty stores like (IU Stencil,UX Shop) were also noted.  

Armed with information, I created provisional personas. It’s not only designers that need these supplies - but also students, office admins, and perhaps a small number looking for unique gifts.




Knowing what items are needed and having a better understanding of the  stakeholder,  I wrote out a list and also added popular items based on my research. Afterwards, I used a card sorting technique to organize the items into categories by item type and usage stage in the design process.


Synthesizing the information collected present, a few opportunities came to mind:

  • One-stop-shop for newbies and students in the field. With little time and knowledge, a one stop shop would be a great place to check back.
  • Reorder feature would be great for those items that need to be restocked on a regular basis (post-its, markers, etc.)
  • Large busy cities where transportation is difficult, and weather sometimes unbearable (looking at you Chicago) would benefit from a same day courier service.  
  • Opportunities to learn by attending a workshop in-store or online. Since the field is a go-to place for all the updates would be appreciated.
  • Community creation would be key to build up a following for the several brick and mortar shops that are in competition with the internet and big-box stores. Having a local vibe and opportunities to meet others in the field would be a great way to retain a client base.


DDS Define Chart.png

The main focus of this project was the creation of a responsive design for laptop, tablet, and phone. I chose to design for Mac products since I have more experience with IOS design.  Another primary focus point was to design a system that is intuitive and personable.


In my first design I used a standard top navigation. However, I realized that a side navigation bar would be more convenient for users on tablet and mac since all the categories can be seen at once without cramping the menu bar.

Home Page Test

InVision testing revealed that the checkout flow I created initially had too much information and details. I was able to revise the page by simplifying the design with an accordion layout. This layout kept the features hidden that were not immediate and also allowed for a full record of data to be displayed.

I spent a little bit of time doodling designs for a potential logo. The goal was something relevant to digital design but also something quite simple and easy to recall. 




When all the updates were made and the stylization was added; I realized that some of my proportions, that seemed logical when planning and testing, yet when all the content was added, adjustments needed to be made to unify the design.

Last Test.png

After the revisons, the final homepage design was acheived. 



In conclusion, this project was an excellent study of both e-commerce and responsive design. Although the two week timeframe was hectic, I was able to find ways to speed up my work flows and become more systematized in decision making. Going forward, I would like to continue to find ways to improve upon these processes.