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Hi there,   

Thank you for visiting my site! I am designer looking for way to make the world more user friendly and beautiful. Design is always evolving, and therefore so is this site. Take a look and share your ideas!




Curioso Travel

A travel app that allows for a fluid planning and reference process. 

The Digital Design Shop

Responsive e-commerce design with delivery and pick-up scheduling options



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Located in Carmel, IN
User Experience Certification DesignLab

B.S. in Business, Kelley School of Business
Indiana University, Bloomington



My name is Diana. I'm a UX designer based out of Indiana. My mission is to create designs that are both functional and beautiful. My vision is to create user experiences for people that will brighten up their day, their week, month, and perhaps, years. 

Empathy and human centered design are my compass for navigating the seas of the design process.  These qualities and methodologies guide me through research, planning, designing, and testing. Because design is so fluid, I am continuously on the lookout for new ideas and theories to elevate and evolve the quality of  work produced.

My journey to become a designer has spanned over several industries and continents.  I had the fortune to be asked by Satsuki Saso to edit the English edition of  the Non-Designer's Guide to Design Thinking, by Kunitake Saso. This book gave me direction and confidence to make a career switch. I was lucky to meet talented people in the UX community who gave me advice, and to have great instructors and mentors, like Sara Vilas Santiago at UX Academy.

Now I am freelancing and looking to put my skills to use in helping create a more user friendly and beautiful world.